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cv sourcing


Grace Cv-sourcing


Grace Outsourcing Ltd provides Recruitment Support Services to candidates, recruitment agencies and direct employers. Our clients are mainly small to medium sized recruitment agencies and a growing number of direct employers within variety of industries.

What We Do?

  • Job Search
  • Candidate / CV Sourcing
  • CV Formatting
  • CV Writing
  • LinkedIn Managed Services
  • Job advertising

Who We Assist?

  1. Candidates / Individuals searching for job
  2. Recruitment agencies / Employers, searching for best talent

Integrity – Golden Rule Decision Making

We all know the Golden Rule, do to others as you would want done to you. Conceptually this is easy to understand, but how have we used this rule as the basis of our focus on our relationships between our clients and services makes all the difference. We pride our service on making sure that we act in a way according to this rule. This means that we try to put ourselves in your shoes, as the hiring manager, to alleviate the frustrations, wasted time and energy associated with management recruitment. Honesty, transparency and piety are the disciplines that make up our integrity focus.

Relationship Focus – People first means sustainable success.

Square pegs do not fit in round holes – We have no interest in sending you candidates/Cvs that don`t fits to you. We are not about short-term gain, rather seek to provide sustainable growth and results so that we can have a mutually prosperous long term relationship.

 Humble Service – With pride comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

We strive to serve those that come to us for their career search and for their hiring needs. We seek to invest time and profit in our community. We maintain a workplace full of love, respect and selflessness. We seek opportunity to give rather than consume and keep our focus on long term prosperity as opposed to short term profit

We are the experts in finding the best talent for our clients, but we do not stop there. We strive to source targeted candidates on your requirements and send them over to you for interviewing with your clients and turn them into placements. We seek to partner with you so that you can recruit to retain.

In order to do so, it is imperative that we are the strong, first layer of defense to ensure you get best fit resumes that will lead to success. How do we do that? We invest a lot of time to source candidates as the best fit for you.

We look past the typical hiring qualifiers and dig deeper and verify candidate’s behaviors, professionalism, past work experience and personality.

Our investment to go the extra mile ensures that our clients receive only the best